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The core of my research portfolio deals with the interplay of social institutions and markets. My early interest in approaches of the French regulation school and global political economy led me consequently to work on currency regimes and the institutional framing of national and supranational economic policies. Since, I invested some serious time in analyzing the relations of sustainability and innovation systems. 

Currently, most of my projects deal with the fate of the global currency regime and the position of the Euro. Closer to policy analysis I am engaged in CETA and overall trade policies. The big project, though, is a collaborative research that deals in a comparative perspective with national pathwys to low carbon-emission economies.

Euro in a Multilateral Global Curreny Regime

Ongoing research that resulted in a number of book chapters and papers. Accepted conference papers for Baltimore (EUSA) and Amsterdam (Center for European Studies) plus smaller papers will hopefull result in the long-pending book with Routledge.

National Pathways to Low Carbon Emission Economies

Cool project with a team of international researchers from Rome, Oslo, Berlin, Frankfurt and Vancouver. First ideas have been presented at a conference in Berlon in December 2012.

Economic Relations EU-Canada

Based on my CETA-book this is ongoing research. A large number of small papers, op-eds, radio and TV interviews and also a presentation for the Committe for International Trade of the European Parliament were so far tangible outcomes. One spin-off will be a international trade conference in Vancouver in summer 2013.

Regime Change: From Financialization to Green Growth

Path change is a big topic wth many features. One feature deals with the tensions between markets, states and democracy. Another feature deals with the exhaustiuon f the financialization regime and the potential switch to a sustainable regime of green growth.

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